Beaueteck Spau

Skin Care

Good skin care can make a big difference in the way skin looks and in the way a client feels about his or her appearance. Besides being very relaxing, facial treatments can offer many improvements to the appearance of the skin.
Proper skin care can make oily skin look cleaner and healthier, dry skin look and feel more moist and supple, and aging skin look smoother, firmer, and less wrinkled. Beaueteck Family Salon facial treatments and effective, individualized home care will show visible results.

Skin analysis is a very important part of the facial treatment because it determines what type of skin the client has, the condition of the skin, and what type of treatment the client’s skin needs. Consultation allows you the opportunity to ask the client questions about his or her health and skin care history, and it allows you to advise the client about appropriate home-care products and treatments.