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Good nail care can make a big difference in the way fingers looks and in the way a client feels. Understanding the structure and growth of natural nails allows you to expertly groom, strengthen, and beautify nails. It is important to know the difference between the nail cuticle and the eponychium before performing nail services. Understanding the structure and growth cycles of the natural nail will prepare you for more advanced nail services.

The natural nail is located at the end of the finger or toe. It is an appendage of the skin and is part of the integumentary system, which is made up of the skin and its various organs. Nail plates protect the tips of the fingers and toes, and their appearance can reflect the general health of the body. A normal, healthy nail is firm but flexible. The surface is shiny, smooth, and unspotted with no wavy ridges, pits, or splits.

You probably know that the natural nail has a cuticle. Do you know whether the cuticle is living or dead skin? And do you know where the plate and the bed are located in the natural nail? This chapter gives you the answers to these questions and more. So, read on, because you cannot perform professional nail services without understanding the structure and growth of the natural nail.

The Free Manicure Consultation at beaueteck family salon & spa

The beaueteck salon consultation with the client before the manicure, or any other service, is an opportunity for getting to know one another and for the cosmetologist to understand a client’s expectations. Do not rush through the consultation—it is an important part of the service!

If the client is new to the beaueteck nail salon, he or she should already have filled out the information on the intake form in the waiting room. Use this information to perform the client consultation. Look at the forms closely for important responses from the client, and then record your observations after the service.

Always check the client’s nails and skin to make sure that they are healthy and that the service you are providing is appropriate. Next, discuss the shape, color, and length of nails that your client prefers. You must be careful not to diagnose a disease or disorder in any way. All information should then be recorded on the client service form. If there are no health issues observed, continue with the service.

Keep the following considerations in mind: shape of the hands, length of fingers, and shape of the eponychium area. Generally, it is recommended that the shape of the nail’s free edge should enhance the overall shape of the fingertips, fingers, and hands of the client. You also need to think about your client’s lifestyle; such things as hobbies, recreational activities, and type of work can determine the best nail shape and length.

Choosing a Nail Color at beaueteck beauty salon & spa coimbatore

Polishing is very important for the satisfaction of beaueteck bridal salon clients and for the success of the service, and it may help determine whether clients return to you. Polishing is the last step in a perfect manicure, and it gives your clients a constant visual reminder between visits of the quality of your work. When your clients look at nails that are polished perfectly, they will admire your work and will likely return. If the polish is not applied perfectly, they will have a constant reminder for a week or more of a less-than-perfect manicure and may not return.

Many of beaueteck unisex salon clients will ask for help in choosing a polish color, or they will ask, “Do you like this color?” When asked for help, suggest a shade that complements the client’s skin tone by placing the hand on a white towel under your true- color light, then holding the potential polish colors over the skin on the top of the hand. It is best to allow the client to make the choices to ensure their satisfaction. If the manicure is for a special occasion, you might suggest the client pick a color that matches or coordinates with the clothing they will be wearing, or that represents the holiday, the event, or the season. Some of beaueteck beauty parlour’s clients will request nail art or other nail fashion enhancements that are popular at the time. Generally, darker shades are appropriate for fall and winter and lighter shades are better for spring and summer; however, this is no longer a hard-and-fast fashion rule. Always have a wide variety of nail polish colors available and the appropriate colors for the French manicure polish techniques provided by best beauty parlour of ladies and gents ( beaueteck hair and makeup,nail salon in coimbatore)

Applying Polish in beaueteck nail salon coimbatore

The most successful service of beaueteck makeover studio & salon’s nail polish application is achieved by using four coats. The first, the base coat, is followed by two coats of polish color and one application of top coat to give a protective seal. Applying multiple layers of polish improves the longevity and durability of the overall application. By building layer upon layer, you will improve adhesion and staying power.

The application techniques of beaueteck salon coimbatore are the same for all polishes, base coats, and top coats. Apply thin, even coats to create maximum smoothness and minimum drying time. When you have completed the polish application, the nail should look smooth, evenly polished, and shiny.